DeSo : Decentralizing Social Media Apps

Charles Brown
4 min readDec 6, 2021

DeSo is the only blockchain in the crypto industry designed explicitly for scaling decentralized social apps. The existing blockchains are not equipped with the tools with the help of which they can index and store the extensive data generated by social applications. DeSo was built with the purpose that it will scale social media as this is the biggest unexploited market for blockchain. The DeSo blockchain provides open code and data, and there is direct storage of all content on-chain. The DeSo blockchain owns its native cryptocurrency that is $DESO. With the help of this cryptocurrency, DeSo can be used to purchase NFTs, social tokens, create posts, give “diamonds,” develop profiles, and many more things. Several lines power DeSo blockchain, and each of these lines is 100% open-source, in contrast to traditional lines of social media that are closed-source walled-garden.

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Why is there a need for Decentralization?

In contrast to the financial industry, today the social media is centralized to a greater extent. Few private companies are efficiently controlling the public debate, and this process results in huge earning and monopoly profit without giving credit or part of income to actual creators. The content creators remain under-monetized, underpaid, and under-engaged; this happens because of the ads-driven business model. The ads-driven business model forces social media companies to keep the content walled garden on their platform and prevent external developers’ buildup and innovation of apps. There is no choice left for users and creators other than their apps.

This problem can be solved by making social media decentralized like Ethereum and Bitcoin as their financial system is decentralized if we use the open model for social media and start putting the content into several public blockchains rather than monopolizing it by giving to a few private companies. This process will create an excellent scale economy around that public blockchain. The DeSo blockchain provides decentralized social apps to one billion users. The purpose of DeSo is to make a chain of specialized blockchains that are also dominant, and each of them is tailored to a specific category of apps.

How DeSo Works

The DeSo is designed in a way that it can handle a wide array of transactions, unlike just receiving or sending money. DeSo blockchain scales the social features with a vast indexing logic and custom storage. The non-developers can understand the architecture of DeSo and its advantages in such a way that continues to the next segment, which elucidates things in top-tier terms. However, the interested developers can dive into the lower-level specifics with the help of a developer guide; they will have a good point of start present on our platform, and there is also a code walkthrough that guides them on how everything fits together in the best way.

Storing at On-chain

The DeSo exceptionally store every bit of data on the blockchain directly and can do anything necessary to maintain the architecture. This value is critical in ensuring that the growth of DeSo will surpass that of any other network and ensure that the end-state of DeSo doesn’t mirror the social ecosystem that is highly centralized and closed. DeSo stores everything directly on On-chain. Currently, DeSo is equipped to store a complete list at on-chain; this list includes all comments, posts, profiles, end-to-end encrypted private messages of users, likes, follows the activity of social token, the activity of social tipping, the activity of NFTs including bids, the activity of $DESO transfer, messages or links to rich media, and verification of profile.

DeSo Native Social Features

The DeSo is a systemic blockchain that supports novel blockchain features like NFT, social tipping, and tokens and reinforces traditional social features like post and profile creations. These extraordinary features enable the DeSo blockchain a new wide range of categories of money-enabled products, from the stock market of influencers to experiences of social NFTs. With the help of these products, the creators can earn more money on apps that are DeSo enabled compared to traditional social networks and maintain direct relationships with followers. The creators are not working under a handful of apps that are centralized, but with DeSo, they work in decentralized networks where the business model revolves around transactions with several intermediary apps.

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