DeSo Updates from October Look Very Promising

Charles Brown
2 min readNov 3, 2021


DeSo continues to push forward and improve on the front of the desocialized media network. There are a lot of improvements being made and I expect this to continue over the coming months.

If you have not started on the DeSo platform you can get started here and get $25 of DeSo free with KYC Verification.

DeSo Updates

Here are some updates from @Nader

Currently, the DeSo team is helping to drive the secondary market and making some substation investments in creator coins.


Going to buy my next set of NFTs tomorrow. Which creator will it be? Let’s just say I’m *scared* to tell you

Nader has invested up to $50,000 that I have seen in personal creator coins and purchased a lot of NFTs that are on the secondary market.

nader~$4,889.85 It’s time. Just bought $50k of $PixelPirates coin and several @PixelPirates NFTs.

My investment thesis is simple:

1. @PixelPirates NFTs have a 10% coin-holder royalty. Means a single sale at $1M in future would double the current market cap of $100k. Coin is a steal.

2. Made by all-star DeSo-native designer @charlie who will have an amazing career. Picasso of DeSo.

3. #194 #004 #287 were underpriced given their high rarity.

4. Floor price <2 DESO is a joke for a project of this quality. Just bid on everything <= 2. Let the paper hands fold.

Running competitions to see who can make the best ad to bring more people to the platform

Proud to announce that @Nigels and @sourdough are our two finalists for the DeSo ad competition! One of these two will get .5 $nader, and the other will get .25 $nader.

In order to decide the winner, though, I was hoping for some help. If you’ve ever run Instagram story ads before I’d love for you to help us run a campaign for each of these ads to see how each one converts.

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