Freedom of Speech Battles Social Media

Charles Brown
3 min readNov 9, 2021


freedom of speech

As we have all seen over the last several years your social media is controlled by large corporations. On these platforms, you have the freedom of speech as long as it falls within their guidelines.

Who Controls and Owns Your Content

These large corporations control your content. They use your controlled content to make money from ads. They can’t upset their income by allowing you to say what you believe. If it goes against the social media sponsors that provide the operating income you will be shut down fast.

That’s right. They have control of everything. They own you. They own your content. They know where you live. They know what you search for on the web.

What Happens When You Get Kicked From Centralized Social Media

Imagine spending all those years building up your social media network to wake up one day and all is lost? You Friends, Family, and Worst Yet, all of the memories that are shared and stored on a platform owned by a large corporation.

Now that all of that is gone what do you do? Do you just abandon the thought of having connections with your friends and family? Do you start all over again on a new platform and try to reconnect with everyone? Start with new memories? Forget the past?

This is the problem with most Social Media platforms out there now. So why not begin the switch now?

Introducing Decentralized Social Media on the Block Chain

DeSo is a new decentralized blockchain used to run 100’s apps. One of the apps is a social media platform called diamond app. You can sign up here and get $25 in free $DeSo to start your journey.

DeSo, Decentralized Social, stores your identity, posts, and memories on the blockchain. The DeSo identity is used to sign in to Social Media Apps, websites, stores, and other various programs.

DeSo is just over 6 months old so it is just getting started good and I am impressed with what I have seen over the last 60 days that I have been on the platform.

More About DeSo

I have several other posts on the site that you can read here DeSo — Crypto Bite. I will also give you a little more insight in this post.

When you create your identity you will get a seed phrase for your passcode. Keep this stored in a safe place and don’t lose it.

If you use one of my links you will get $25 of free $DeSo to start your journey after KYC verification.

You will want to purchase some of your own coins. Let’s go with $5 unless you plan to bring more money instead of free testing. You can keep your FR, founders reward, at 100% for now if you think you may want to buy some more after you try it out.

I would also suggest at least $1 worth of @CryptoBite and $1 worth of @TheCharlieBrown.

Keep some in your account because every action will cost money. Usually thousands of a cent.

Surf around, meet some new friends, have fun, and post away. Feel free to follow Cryptobite and TheCharlieBrown and ask questions along the way. I will do my best to help you out.

Are you still waiting? Join here and get your free $25.

Source: Freedom of Speech Battles Social Media — Crypto Bite