Mars Metaverse, Mining App, And Referral Code

How Mars Mining App Works

The Mars Mining App is available on Apple and Google Play. You will need to download the app and enter a referral code to get started. As I mentioned previously, we set up a cryptobite referral code to get in early. Just type it in and go.

Using The Mars Mining App

After you sign up and enter the referral code, you will receive 2 MRST.

About The Mars Metaverse

What Blockchain Will The Mars Use?

The Mars Metaverse started on the Ethereum blockchain. On November 25th, Mars Company sent out an article that the blockchain used to operate the metaverse changed to Polygon. The change was to make the metaverse without the high gas fees so more people could participate.

What Will Be Available On The Mars Metaverse?

  • Earn MRST in the Metaverse.
  • The ability to purchase user created items and play minigames.
  • Purchase land and assets in The Mars Metaverse.
  • Construct buildings and earn rent.

The Mars Metaverse Conclusion

I can’t wait to see where this metaverse leads. Some information needs to be cleared up on the project website, which is expected of a new project like this. I can’t pass up the opportunity to pick up the free MRST through mining while I wait on the release of the entire metaverse project.



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