Multichain Metazens Emerged In The Metaverse

Metazens: The Citizens of Metaverse!

The Genesis Metazen Collection, consisting of 20 one of one Metazens developed as part of the artist’s process, is now on the blockchain. The Metazens Genesis Series is exclusive on DeSo, and they’re the first Metazens to exist on the blockchain!

What are Metazens?

The NFT project “Metazens” consists of 5500 generated digital collectibles PFP NFTs across multiple blockchains. The “Citizens of the Metaverse” are the Metazens, a diversified range of persona existing on multiple blockchains. Every Metazen has its features and rarities, including its personality description.

Metazen’s Vision

The aim of Metazens is to give back to artists through the development of the Art Collective DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The project of Metazens NFT is the catalyst. The Metazen project vibe has an inkling of inclusivity, escapism, anti-rivalry, uniquity, gender blending, coolhunting, and influence and exploring the personality attributes.



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