UglyAss DeSo NFTs Are Here And They Are Fire

deso nft

Say Hi To UglyAss!

A Brief Intro From Ugly Ass Himself

UglyAss NFT is a hand-drawn art collection digitally remastered only available on the DESO blockchain created by ReFined Enterprises, LLC.

More About The DeSo Platform

On-Chain Profiles

Every user’s profile is stored on-chain and is solely controlled by the user’s private keys, making your identity portable between all apps in the DeSo ecosystem.

Social DeSo NFTs

NFTs minted on DeSo are associated with the artist’s profile, and can be shown off on the buyer’s profile, enhancing provenance while making them inherently social, and more valuable.

DeSo Social Tokens

Every profile created on DeSo can have a social token attached to it. Social tokens on DeSo earn cashflows from NFT sales, and soon all forms of creator monetization.

Social Tipping aka “Diamonds”

Because DeSo is a blockchain, it’s never been easier to integrate money-native features like tipping into your app. Tips can be integrated directly with content, e.g. allowing users to give “diamonds” to posts rather than just “likes.”

On-Chain Posts

Every post and reply is stored and indexed directly on-chain, meaning that your content is portable across all apps in the DeSo ecosystem. If one app’s algorithms aren’t showing you, love, there are thousands of others that will instead!



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