What You Should Know About $DeSo

Charles Brown
3 min readNov 5, 2021


There are a lot of things you should know about $DeSo before you start investing.

What is DeSo?

DeSo is Decentralized Social Media. It is the blockchain that runs the next generation of social media.

When you sign up on the DeSo blockchain, which can be found here, you are creating and claiming your unique identity and creator coin.

This identity can be used to access 100s, 1,000s in the future, of websites and applications using only one identity. All of your posts, followers, NFT’s are stored directly on the blockchain. It is not stored on the individual sites as you see in centralized social media.

How many of you have more than one social media account? Isn’t it a pain to continue to create content for each individual platform? Gain new followers on each platform? That my friend is a ton of work. Have you ever been banned from Social Media or not allowed to post what you want? This is the issue that $DeSo solves.

How Does the $DeSo Platform Work?

When you sign up to DeSo use one of the links on this page so you can get $25 of free DeSo on the platform to start.

Choose to sign up with a new seed phrase. Do not share this seed phrase and do not lose the seed phrase.

In the top right-hand corner click to verify your account and go through the KYC verification process. Once this is complete wait for your $25 to show up. This typically only takes about 5 minutes max.

You will be using diamondapp.com, one of the 100s of apps on the DeSo blockchain, to get signed up. Go to your profile and edit. Add your info and user name and then use at least $5 to buy some of your own coin.

I highly suggest using another $5 to invest in @merlin and another $5 to invest in @CryptoBite.

Investing in Merlin you will be able to get $7.50 for all of the referrals that you bring to the platform instead of the $5.00 you would normally receive. Investing in Cyptobite you can sit back and watch your coin value grow.

Always keep some $DeSo in your wallet. $DeSo is needed to make posts, likes, and follow on the platform. The cost is a fraction of a cent. Very cheap to attach your info to the blockchain.

Some Great Accounts to Follow on DeSo

@TheCharlieBrown is my main account linked to everything on the platform. If you need help when you join just send me a message.

@Krassenstein Stay up to date with what is happening in DeSo.

@nader The creator of DeSo.

@Designsta Great Creators on the platform.

What You Should Know About DeSo Conclusion

I am keeping this article short so you do not get overwhelmed. You can find more info here once you get started DeSo — Crypto Bite